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TUESDAY STORY: Parking Lot Surprises, My Daughter as Kurt Cobain, and The Drive home with MxPx

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Parking Lot Surprises- I was just getting into my suburban at the grocery store that we islanders fondly refer to as “PC” (short for Prairie Center Red Apple Market…now you know why we call it PC lol)…and who pulls up right beside me? My girl Amanda!!!…so I get out, give her a ginormous hug and let the chatting begin…(love this woman) giggling and inappropriate discussions were flowing freely, when all of a sudden I see D & M walking towards us (my fav peeps from work)…so M is trying to distract me and starts talking with Amanda and I, I see D going to the passenger side of my car…wtf is he doing? I will get back to that…so I say to “M”…how are you feeling? she says, “Tired, but hey at least my ass isn’t sore!”…I explain to Amanda that this is my “ass cancer” girl…Amanda had already put it all together and says, “I love that you got your ass glittered!”…so let me back up…Amanda is the one obsessed with glitter and who gave some, which i proceeded to sprinkle on “M’s” bum to heal her cancer….so in our small town the healing circle met =)….

Back to “D”…so I am curious as hell to what he put in my car…I get in and see this in my purse…


yes…that is a goose egg in my purse…WTF?!?!?!? LOL!!! And what is it with my bro’s stuffing my purse with food? First fries from “Iron Mike” and now a goose egg from “D”…hahahaha! Crazy boys!!!

My Daughter- My daughter has to do a report on Washington State History…excuse me while I tear up with ridiculous pride for a second……she chose an interview with Kurt Cobain….(proud momma here)…so she has to dress like him and re-create the interview…whaddya think? (i think she has it down!)



Drive Home with MxPx- Coupeville is Washington State’s 2nd oldest town…here is my drive home on historic front street…playing one of my favorite punk bands just fits…lol…right?


Taste Of Chaos photos with Avenged Sevenfold

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The photos from taste Of Chaos are posted on my website here, for now, here is one of my favrites of avenged sevenfold

to be honest the photo wouldm’t upload…lol…sorry about that

ENDFEST 16 in Seattle

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i know this is OLD news, but i’m playing catch-up here (not ketchup), i am experimenting with the blog and youtube….so here it is

Taste Of Chaos tonight!!!

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I will be covering the last day of Taste Of Chaos tonight. I was supposed to get interviews, but I think I waited too long to request them. My bad. But I WILL be taking pictures and will try and post them in this blog.

It’s really cold outside for this time of year and I just found out there is a baseball game happening right next door to the concert, which means finding a parking spot is gonna be brutal. Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly!!!!!