WORK STORY: Dress code? Pink Rose & My Scary Tattoo

Dress Code- Heavier lady walks in just wearing a swimsuit looking for the cheapest bottle of booze…no shoes , no cover-up…just her and her interesting tankini thing…wtf….who walks into a liquor store in their swimsuit? THAT LADY…I politely said, “You just come from the beach?”…her-“No, why?”…”Well generally speaking, most places of business require shoes and proper attire.”…her- “I didn’t feel like going to the grocery store.”….OK then….

Pink Rose- Customer comes in and says, “You have always been so nice to my husband and I, and I know you have had a tough year, so I wanted to bring you this…”…and she hands me a gorgeous pink rose (My favorite color…how did she know?)…wow talk about making my day!!!!


My Scary Tattoo- I wore a sundress to work today. An older gentleman that comes in once in awhile who sports the 50’s Elvis haircut says, “Turn around young lady.”…I comply…me- “What?”…customer- “I am trying to figure out your tattoo.”….me- “Oh, that…”….customer- ” I don’t get it, what is it?”…I explain briefly that it is a Day of The Dead tattoo and that she has my back…customer- “You must scare young children everywhere with that.”…me- “No, actually they like it.”…customer- “That is a pretty scary looking tattoo….”…me-” I think she is beautiful and not scary at all.”….customer-” It’s pretty big, you might regret that when you get old like me.”….me-” I will never regret any of my tattoos. I got them for me…no one else. And quite frankly I think it will just make me a badass old lady…so…as much as I respect your opinion, I do not remember asking for it.”…<insert super big cheesy smile>…first time anyone has had the balls to say that to me….lol


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