Life as a rockin’ Woman in her 40’s

I spent my 20’s and 30’s having children. They’re almost all grown up now. My oldest is married and has given me a grandson who is a year old. The next oldest graduated last year and then the youngest 2 are in middle and high school this year.

I loved raising my girls,and being home for them. But don’t be fooled by these previous statements. I was hungry to be out in the world, I felt like I was missing out on all the “fun”, whatever that is, or was. But I had to divert those thoughts and remind myself that being a full time Mom was far more rewarding than going to a nightclub or working long hours to get a good paycheck.

By a complete fluke 11 years ago, i had posted some photos I had taken . I received a tremendous amount of feedback from both friends, family and industry professionals, encouraging me to pursue photography more seriously. So I did. My youngest was not breastfeeding anymore so I was able to pursue taking classes. During this time I was constantly writing blogs, family emails and annual Christmas letters. I was encouraged to pursue my writing also. I had a lot of doubts wondering if I could ever get a paying job without a college degree, but I decided that I would purse my hobbies in hopes they would be come a career.

In 2002 my oldest daughter noticed that I received a “press pass” from the photography school I was attending. She asked if that pass would allow me to take pictures of her favorite country artist, Kenny Chesney. I explained to her that this pass was intended for much smaller events, like parades. So she dared me, she dared me saying, “I bet you couldn’t get pictures of him anyway.” And that was the beginning of my career shooting in the music industry. I did in fact get credentials to photograph Kenny Chesney, among many others including Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Audioslave, Weezer and many more. During this time several magazines requested that I freelance for them. At one point, one of them asked if I was any good at writing, I said yes hesitantly. That answer led me to my first interview with a band. I have been doing it since.

So, as far fetched as it seems, I combined both skills into a job I am extremely passionate about. Do I care that the people I shoot and interview are 20yrs younger than me? Nope. I am a seasoned pro, mature and respected. I like my age, I feel it gives me a healthy swagger. I am not a young person trying to prove myself, (I’m an older one LOL).

I guess my whole point of this blog is that I am tremendously grateful for the choices I have made in life. It’s really only beginning at age 41 for me. I’m a young hip Grandmother, still the mother of teenagers, and active in the music industry.

I get to share all of this with them and they have watched my success as it’s happening. I hope I can inspire them to pursue their dreams at whatever point in their lives they are ready to do so.


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