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Taste Of Chaos photos with Avenged Sevenfold

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The photos from taste Of Chaos are posted on my website here, for now, here is one of my favrites of avenged sevenfold

to be honest the photo wouldm’t upload…lol…sorry about that


ENDFEST 16 in Seattle

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i know this is OLD news, but i’m playing catch-up here (not ketchup), i am experimenting with the blog and youtube….so here it is

Taste Of Chaos tonight!!!

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I will be covering the last day of Taste Of Chaos tonight. I was supposed to get interviews, but I think I waited too long to request them. My bad. But I WILL be taking pictures and will try and post them in this blog.

It’s really cold outside for this time of year and I just found out there is a baseball game happening right next door to the concert, which means finding a parking spot is gonna be brutal. Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly!!!!!

AP Tour 2008

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I forgot I even had this blogging account, nice eh? I am going to make a severe attempt to write in this thing every day. I wonder if it’ll work?

ANYWAY, this blog is dedicated to the AP Tour with All Time Low, The Matches, Forever The Sickest Kids and more….and by more I meane Verne in mini-me foolz!!! He crashed my interview with FTSK and it was quite exciting!

Here’s a link to the interview and photos

So does anyone even read these things?